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Meet Spinny

Meet Spinny 

Formerly Associated with the Harlem Globetrotters, entrepreneur, dad & motivational speaker

As a basketball performer, Spinny is known for his scoring as well as his trick shot artistry. Spinny has worked with the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters and has performed with such greats as Wilt Chamberlain, Curly Neal, Meadowlark Lemon, and Marques Haynes. He has also appeared in an ad for the D.C. lottery with Wes Unseld.

Spencer Johnson received a degree in psychology from Geneva College in Pennsylvania. During his four-year tenure at Geneva, he became a two-time College All American and received many other basketball honors. He is in the Beaver County Sports Hall of Fame (PA) & Lincoln Park Athletic Hall of Fame (MD)


Spencer is no stranger to working with youngsters. Along with performing for students in a number of states throughout the country (he has performed in California, Washington, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C.), Spencer has also worked in the classroom as a substitute teacher in Montgomery County, Maryland. Spencer has had extensive national exposure in conjunction with Nancy Reagan's Drug Awareness Program and his message has reached millions of young people. During his talks, Spinny encourages his audience to say.....YES TO EDUCATION!!


This upbeat, dynamic program features fun and amazing basketball skills while teaching the importance of education, respect, goal setting, determination and perseverance. 

To keep the attention of the students throughout the performance, Spinny performs unique tricks such as balancing a basketball on a key held tightly between his teeth! He follows such acts with the message; "With the proper discipline and hard work, you can accomplish anything!"


The program provides a variety of hands-on activities that directly involve large numbers of students. Using audience participation, Spinny persuades the studens to believe in themselves and to embrace positive thinking. Because of the love he has for kids, Spinny's mission is to perform for students in such a way as to get the message across on a variety of issues:

Importance of education Exercise, Healthy Eating Habits, Respecting yourself and others, Refrain from Opioids, peer pressure and bullying. 


Spencer, who is a 5-foot-4-inch basketball player, has actually used his size to help him with his work. "My size is an advantage. I relate well to the kids." There is definitely a message of hope in his hoop tricks, Spinny says, " hard, respect everyone, refrain from drugs and alcohol, and always...Believe in yourself!"

On the Court

On the Court

ON THE BALL SPINNY INC is a 501(c)(3) Corporation, all contributions or donations are tax deductible.


Contributions/Donations can be sent to:

6405 Manor View Drive

Laytonsville, MD 20882


Change the lives of young people by donating to this amazing youth education program.


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“He is someone who shouldn't be missed.”  
Michael Pritichard 
Board of directors/Californians for Drug Free Youth

“Exceptional program that helps kids to feel positive about themselves and to strive for success while emphasizing the importance of staying in school and off drugs."
Dr Shelia Dobbins 

Principal, Earle B. Wood Intermediate School, Rockville, MD


“His genuine concern meant a lot to us.”
Rosemary Harris 

Children’s Hospital at Stanford, Polo Alto, CA

“I recommend Spinny for anyone who cares about kids.”
John Ramseyer 
Director, Teen Entertainment Corp. Concord, CA

“His appeal to young audiences of widely-ranging backgrounds and abilities is phenomenal.”
Janet Steinberg
  Art teacher, Loch Raven Middle School, Baltimore, MD


"I think the things about peer pressure were educational." 
Tandra Brown


"Thank God there are people in the world like you" 

"I'll never forget you... Keep up the good work."
Kevin Lun" Thank you for coming to our school. I will never take drugs... I don't want to get messed up." 
Sean Salins

"When someone asks me to take drugs, I will say NO!"
Christine Slutting"Thank you for talking about drugs and being kind"
Jennifer Dennis


"I really liked the tricks you did"
Lynn Tinbelle

"Thanks for the autograph. I loved your performance."
Natalie DuMont


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