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sjohnson1.jpg (19264 bytes)Former Globetrotter Emphasizes the Importance of Education at Mill Run

Former Harlem Globetrotter Spencer "Spinny" Johnson visited Mill Run ES on February 15th and took time to teach students a few basketball tricks.  As he did, Johnson emphasized to students that their education is very important.

"If I didn't have the wonderful teachers I've had throughout my lifetime, I wouldn't be here today," he said. 

Johnson discussed some of the elements necessary in receiving a good education.

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"If you are listening and paying attention, then your teachers can do their job and you will do well.  Good listeners do very well in the classroom."

Johnson talked about respecting your school and respecting others. 

"It's important to always respect everyone. There a lot of ways of respecting your school -being quiet when the teacher is teaching; raising your hand before you speak; paying attention and not disturbing others - there's more than one way to respect your school and others."

Mill Run's principal, Paul Vickers, is credited with getting such an accomplished athlete and speaker to visit the school.  Johnson said he has known Vickers for more than 10 years and visited his students each year.

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